Drop 2 Block Chord Study

 By Neal Nagaoka

This is a study in learning different inversions of a 4 note voicing chords. For these examples and for easier visual purpose, we will use chords based in G.
G Major 7th,
G Minor 7th,
G Dominant 7th
and G Minor 7b5
We will be using them in a 3 set system. Using the E A and D strings for the bass notes

The concept is utilizing a drop 2 voicing to create an inversion. (Note the arrows). Basically what is happening is the high note on the 1 string (or the E String) is being "Dropped" to the lower E (6th string) to be used as the bass note which creates the next inversion.


The one exception is the Diminished 7th. Due to it's symetrical nature. All the inversions are the same shape but 3 frets apart.

This method of drop 2s can be applied as well to 6th chords as well.
But 1 interesting note is that a Major 6th is like starting on a Minor 7th but from the 1st inversion. All the chord shapes are virtually the same.